Recreational Classes
We offer recreational tumbling classes for ages 1 1/2 and up of all skill level. Tumbling classes are one hour, or half an hour for beginners ages one and half to five years old. Recreational tumbling classes focus on skill progression in a positive atmosphere with low student/teacher ratio. Recreational classes included emphasis on stretching, tumbling and conditioning. 

Monthly Tuition- Due by the 10th of each month. 
$50.00- ½ hour classes, $60.00- 1 hour classes

Call us or visit the registration page to register for tumbling classes!!


Descriptions of classes:
Toddler Tumbling (TT)- students ages 1 1/2- 3 years old will learn basic tumbling and large motor skills with a focus on following directions.

 Sub beginner (SB)- students will learn basic tumbling skills. This class will cover roll variations, cartwheels, backbends and wide variety of coordination/motor skills. 

Beginner #1 (B1)- upper level half hour classes. Must be able to do a backbend with no head. Focus will be the strengthening of backbend and working to kick over on inclines/wall and floor. 

Beginner #2 (B2)- 1hr class. Focus will be backbend work with the goal of strengthening backbends,  perfecting cartwheels, working to kick over on inclines, wall and floor. 

Advanced beginner (AB)-must be able to kick over on the floor. This class will focus on perfecting back/front limbers, back walkovers and round offs. Instructors will cover the introduction to backhandsprings and work with students on trampolines, tumble track and mats and floor on mastering this skill. 

Sub novice (SA)- backhandspring on floor is required. Primary focus will be perfecting standing backhandsprings and working to master roundoff multiple back handsprings on floor. 

Novice (N)- must be able to execute round off back handspring. Class will cover whips and round off whips. Instructors will work with students on the transition into tucks. 

Intermediate (I)- round off handspring tuck is required. Class will cover skills such as round off multiple handsprings into tuck, extended passes, standing tucks, bounding skills and front tucks. 

Sub advanced (SA) must be able to execute a standing tuck.  intro to fulls- the main focus at this level will be perfecting layouts and working with instructors on fulls. This class will cover reversing skills and front tuck specialty passes. 

Advanced- (A)- full and standing hand full required. Advanced level students will continue to work on perfecting their fulls. Class will cover bounding fulls, intro to double fulls, and front fulls.

Students ages 7 and under will learn basic tumbling/superhero skills in this high energy class.


- Students must be 5th grade and above  
-Students must pay prior to the start of class
- $5.00 per class for current recreational students/$10 for who do not take recreational classes
-All students attending open gyms MUST have a current release form on file- or will not be permitted to participate. 
-Tumbling in sports bras is NOT permitted

Reminder: These are open gyms, students will be required to work independently. If you are interested in a more structured class please register for our recreational tumbling classes.

Heather's Studio offers classes for Middle School and High School cheerleading squads.These classes are focused on acquiring skills and are not intended to be "fun". Teams will get an intense workout that will lead to progression on tumbling and jumps. These classes are ideal for squads trying to gain a competitive edge. Squad classes include stretching, tumbling, cheerleading based conditioning, and jump practice. 
Coaches: Contact us for more information 330-682-4645 or

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