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Heather's Studio
 Recreational Tumbling~Competitive Power Tumbling& Trampoline~All-Star Cheerleading
Heather’s Studio/Ohio Star Power offers competitive programs with a faith based focus.  We work to provide a family atmosphere and strive to teach our students “life lessons” that will remain with them forever. Character, commitment and a positive attitude are values that we hope our athletes will develop and carry into all areas of their lives. We believe our philosophies, attendance policies and competition calendar balance the needs of the family and the team. It is a privilege to coach your child and we greatly appreciate your consideration of our competitive program.  Please call 330-682-4645 or email with questions or concerns.  

 The 2017/18 season begins in May however June start times are also available

Power Tumbling/Trampoline Team Details: 

MAY- Wednesday 4:30-6 pm 

JUNE 17-JUNE 18- 
Team members will have the option to tumble Monday 6-7:30 pm or Wednesday 4:30-6 pm. Team members can do both practice times for an additional $20 per month. 

*no practice 5/31

Mark your calendars- 
Tumble team camp will be held at Heather's Studio on July 22nd. Times TBD.

17/18 Competitive Season will begin with our first competition on Saturday, October 28 in Bellefontaine and will end June 12-16 in Fort Lauderdale Florida